The FBA Seller's Guide to Inauthentic Complaints by Kim Coghlan

The FBA Seller's Guide to Inauthentic Complaints

What's included?

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I. Introduction: What You Need to Know
1.1 What is an Inauthentic Complaint? Why Should I Care?
7 mins
1.2 How to Check If You Have Inauthentic Complaints
5 mins
1.3 Inauthentic Checklist
6 mins
Inauthentic Checklist.pdf
132 KB
II. Getting Started: Gather information and prepare documentation
2.1 First Actions
6 mins
2.2 Receipts - Hunt and Gather
2 mins
2.3 How to Annotate a Receipt for an Inauthentic Complaint
7 mins
2.4 Other Attachments You Might Wish You Had
4 mins
Annotated receipt sample
254 KB
III. Creating Your Response
3.1 Finding the Root Cause
11 mins
3.2 Current and Ongoing Actions
9 mins
3.3 Your Response Do's and Don'ts
8 mins
Inauthentic sample response
182 KB
Templates for follow up
79.8 KB
IV. Bonus Materials
4.1 Commingled Inventory
5 mins
4.2 Systems
7 mins
Inauthentics Tracking sheet
10.8 KB
V. Resource Library
What is an Inauthentic Complaint.pdf
160 KB
Do you have any Inauthentic Complaints.pdf
311 KB
Inauthentic Checklist.pdf
132 KB
First Actions.pdf
272 KB
113 KB
Other Attachments.pdf
226 KB
Root Cause.pdf
251 KB
Current and Ongoing Actions.pdf
207 KB
Your Response.pdf
190 KB
247 KB
Commingled Inventory.pdf
125 KB


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